Upcoming Events:
Tenterden Artists Annual Exhibition

30 - 31 October 2021

St Mildred's Church Hall, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6AT

This will be my first year with the Tenterden Artists and I will be exhibiting alongside some familiar faces such as Scarlett Woodman, who you may remember from previous joint exhibitions. The event will be open from 10-5pm on Saturday 30 - Sunday 31 and it would be wonderful to see you there!

Event Highlights:

1-11th July 2021

The Other Art Fair - IRL and Virtual Edition, West Handyside Canopy, King's Cross

28th September 2020

PureArts 360 - GO LIVE Artist Interview, Hosted by PureArts Group UK


Missed the IG Live Studio Tour? No problem! The event has now been added to my Instagram page, under the IGTV tab. Head over to Instagram to rewatch the tour, learning about my latest works, the stories behind them and what's coming up this Autumn 2020.


Appearance on Landscape Artist of the Year 2019!

The new season of Landscape Artist of the Year 2019 starts on 15th October on Sky Arts. Hannah's episode will be aired on 5th November, be sure to look out for her!