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Artist Statement

My focus on landscape painting is stimulated by a love for the natural environment and an interest in Biocentrism. Through oil paint, I aim to record the pulses of life emanating from the landscape, whilst also focussing on the delicate and impermanent nature of our climate today. By using psychogeography as a means of exploration, I can approach an environment with a deeper scrutiny, deconstructing the essential characteristics of the landscape from which I draw inspiration. I feel a strong connection to the Kentish countryside, where I have lived for most of my life, and this has become the subject of many of my paintings.

My most recent work is painted with an emphasis on the peacefulness I feel when immersed in the chosen landscape. The feeling of calm portrayed in each painting is dependent on the time of day I choose to depict, which ranges from bright, energising colours elicited in strong daylight to the muted, soft colours created through dawn and dusk. To achieve this, my current work consists of detailed landscapes which are formed through several thinly applied layers of oil and pigment. With this technical decision, I can amalgamate realism with a utopian depiction of the setting, using sketches, photographs, and my own memories to work from.

Furthermore, whilst I may depict farmland or a landscape that was once curated by mankind, I choose to leave evidence of modern living and technology behind. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, I find the sense of calm is amplified, and secondly, I hope the viewer will see for themselves the fragility of these beautiful places. I choose this way of working to reflect on the urgency of climate change, showing the contrast between an unstable climate with the beauty and harmony that still exists in our landscape today. I hope this encourages the viewer to appreciate the landscape that exists around them, carrying an urge for preservation into their everyday thinking.

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