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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you paint absolutely anything?

As much as I'd love to, unfortunately not. I love a challenge and I would gladly give everything a go, but unfortunately I just don't have the time. However, there are always exceptions to the rule, so I would recommend asking anyway. Usually, when you get in touch with an enquiry, I will have a chat with you about what you'd like first. Then, I can assess whether it is something I am capable of painting and something I would paint well! If I know that your project is something I won't be able to do, I would be more than happy to point you in the direction of another artist who will be able to make your vision come alive!

How long will my painting take to make?

This really depends on whether there is a specific deadline we need to meet. If possible, I save my commissioned work for the winter months when I have fewer exhibitions to prepare for, however if there is a specific date you had in mind, we can definitely try to make this work. I know that life doesn't always allow it, but please do get in touch with as much notice as possible if you have a deadline in mind. Paintings can take any time between 2 weeks and 2 months so it does require a bit of planning!

Do you visit every landscape you paint?

Not always. Some locations are too far away or hard to get to with all my painting gear. Ideally, I will use a combination of en plein air (in person) studies, sketches and photographs, but this isn't always necessary. I am very comfortable working from photographs and I have done so many times, so no location is too far away!

How much are your commissions?

I price my work based on the size and time it takes. Depending on this, my paintings usually range from £200 - £3000. One of the first things I will ask is if you have a size in mind, and usually we can go from there. However, if you need to stick within a price range, we can find a size that suits your budget instead!

Do you need a deposit?

Yes. After I have accepted the commission, I will ask for a £100 deposit. This is to show commitment from both sides and allows me to put the time aside to prepare for your commission. Once the painting is finished, I will then ask for the final payment. This will include any framing or shipping services too. However, If you would like to pay in instalments, I am more than happy to discuss this with you.

How involved am I in the process?

Once we have discussed your vision, I will work on a series of sketches and come back to you with a final composition for the painting. I will make sure you are happy with this before I get started and then I start putting brush to canvas! You won't hear from me for a while as I build the layers of the work but I am more than happy to send you 'progress shots' as I go. Once the work is finished, I will be in touch with high-quality images of the final piece and when you're happy, I will prepare the work for shipping!

Do I have to pay for the commission if I don't like the finished painting?

Thankfully, I have been painting commissions for over 5 years and I have never been in this situation. However, I can understand that by commissioning a painting you are putting a lot of trust in me! I will be in touch with you at every stage of the creative process, so you will see the work progress and you can weigh in if you see something you don't like at any stage. As a result, it is very rare that I will make something you're not happy with. However, sometimes our visions won't always match up, and that's okay! I am more than happy to make changes, but I will let you know if I think a change will have a negative impact on the painting. I will work hard to make sure I make something we both love, but if you still don't like the painting, you don't have to buy it. Nonetheless, you should be aware that I own the rights to the work I make, and I will sell the work alongside my originals if appropriate.

Do you varnish your work?

Yes. I want the work to last as long as I do! Oils take a very long time to dry so there are a few choices on how to varnish the work. At a minimum, I will apply a layer of retouching varnish to the finished piece, which protects the painting from UV rays and dust in the air. This can be applied within a week of finishing the painting, so it's a good option if we are working towards a deadline. Alternatively, if we have a bit more time, I will apply a satin varnish on all of my originals and this is a more permanent option. The painting has to be dry for at least 6 months before I apply this type of varnish, so this isn't always an option. If this is a concern, you are more than welcome to bring a painting back to the studio once it's fully dry and I can apply this type of varnish at a later date. 

I found a work of yours on your website which I love but it's sold. Can you make another one?

I will never paint an exact replica of a previous work, but I can always paint something which shares similar inspiration or subject matter. In this case, you wouldn't need to commission a piece. Instead, I will offer you the 'first right of refusal', which means you have first dibs! The painting is yours if you love it, but if not I will publish the work and open the sale to the general public.

Do you still offer pencil commissions?

Yes! I started my art journey drawing pet portraits and I love working with dry media. Please do get in touch if you'd like a drawing, it's always fun to take a break from the messy stuff! Drawings usually take less time to finish than an oil painting and things can progress much quicker without waiting for paint to dry. I would recommend drawings if you have a tight deadline!


How can I purchase a painting?

You can view and purchase all original works by clicking the shop tab or clicking here. Alternatively, please send a message to if you'd like to speak to me about a work first.

Can I pay for a painting in instalments?

Of course. I hope to make my work as accessible as possible so if you need a bit of time to pay for the work, that's absolutely fine. Paypal offer the choice to pay for the work in 3 instalments through my shop, but if you'd like to discuss an alternative plan please just send me a message to

Can you frame a painting for me?

Yes! All paintings in my shop come with the option of framing with a neutral white wash frame, which suits my work well and looks great on any surface. However, I have a great framer nearby and if you'd like something a little different then please get in touch and we can discuss this.

Can I visit your studio?

I open my studio to the public every June as part of South East Open Studios, but if you'd like to come and see me then you are more than welcome. Please send me a message and we can arrange something which both suits us.

Do you offer prints of all of your work?

I'm afraid not. I make limited edition giclée prints of my favourite pieces, usually in editions of 20. However, I am always open to suggestions! If you don't see the work you're looking for, it's always worth asking. To view my current available prints, please visit the shop tab or click here.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes. Please send me a message at and we can arrange this.


Where are you based?

I am based in Kent in the South-East of England, but I often travel to capture beautiful landscapes.


What do you teach?

I teach a range of drawing and painting skills, tailored to the size of the group I am working with and the level of knowledge they have. Of course, my aim is to make you a better landscape painter and draughtsman but the basic skills of drawing and painting are transferable to all subjects.

Do you teach group classes?

Yes. Whether you're new to painting or a plein air pro, enrolling in a class can be daunting! Previous students have said that they've really enjoyed getting to know others and the sense of community is so much fun. I have also taught groups of friends and we have a good giggle when we get together! Whether you plan to recruit your friends or you would like to meet new creatives, group classes are a great option to settle the nerves and relax into painting! Group classes start at £20 p/h and each session is usually 2 hours long.

Do you offer private tuition?

Yes. If I am teaching 1 on 1 then I am able to create classes with your specific needs in mind, so this is a good option if you're looking to improve your skills in a particular area. Please let me know what you'd like to work on and we can create a class that focuses on this. Private classes are £35 p/h and are 1-2 hours long.

Do you offer classes online?

Yes. I ran my classes on zoom during the pandemic and I would be happy to do this if that makes you more comfortable.

What level are the classes?

I teach anyone from complete beginners to artists who have been practicing for decades!

What supplies do I need?

I will send out a recommended supplies list well in advance of the class, but the kit involved varies from class to class. Each supplies list will offer a range of options from the most affordable basics to the tools a professional artist would use. I would always recommend starting with the basics and if you'd like to explore higher quality tools we can discuss this too.

If you have any other questions, please send me a message or get in touch by clicking here. I am more than happy to help! 

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