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Having studied Fine Art at degree level, I was surprised to learn that the majority of the course content was conceptual and that the technical side of painting was left out of the curriculum. Because of this, I didn't ever formally learn how to use oil paints, but through reading, research and with help from other students I developed my knowledge of oil painting and started to grow my practice. Although I am grateful for building my skillset with my own creativity and freedom, I don't think it should be so difficult to find practical teaching. Now that I am well versed in the medium, I hope to share my knowledge with others who are looking for focused teaching on technical skill and experimentation. I don't wish to hand you a replicated skillset, but I hope to show you practical ways to improve your observation, passion and portrayal for the subject before you. 


Through online and in person teaching, I hope to encourage students of all levels to develop their personal practice and to engage in a creative community. If you would like to learn more about the range of tuition I offer, feel free to explore the links below or just send me a message.

In a Space, Arts Charity

Founded in 2019, In A Space is a new charity inspired by the connection between creativity and mental health. At the beginning of lockdown, the charity launched the 'Digital Art Club', an inclusive weekly zoom class hosted by a number of guest artists covering a wide range of topics and mediums. If you would like to get involved in their weekly online lessons please click here. Additionally, from mid-April In A Space will be hosting longer weekly workshops outdoors in North Kent. I will be hosting some of these workshops and I plan to cover a range of landscape topics aimed at beginners who would like to give plein-air painting a go. If you would like to learn more about In A Space or sign up to one of the sessions, please visit the charity's website or contact me for more information.

Kent Adult Education, Painting and Drawing Courses

Kent Adult Education offers a wide range of courses which are designed to enhance the wellbeing of students and offers high-quality opportunities to discover and develop interests which enrich quality of life.


I teach two courses at KAE for both beginner and intermediate artists on a weekly basis. Both courses are heavily focused on drawing and observational skills, however one of the sessions is also dedicated to improving the student's painterly skills. For term dates and more information about the courses please click on the link below.

Individual Tuition

I also offer private tuition for those who may be seeking specific teaching or for students who simply want a focused workshop based on their own abilities. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I am currently offering online lessons over zoom with the intentions of returning to in-person tuition once the lockdown has eased. Lessons cost £30/hr and can be planned and adapted around the student's specific needs. If you would like to book a lesson on behalf of someone else this can also be arranged. To discuss this or to arrange a booking please write to me via the 'contact' page.