The High Weald Landscape Collection
A bit about the series...

During the summer of 2020, I discovered an amazing walking route close to home called the High Weald Landscape Trail. The rolling 145km trail stretches across West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent and samples a number of incredible views in the heart of South East England. Having meandered along the trail on numerous walks I was inspired to create a series of paintings that reflected the incredible landscapes that represent this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Including glistening lakes, bright blue skies and expansive fields of wildflowers and crops, I hope to show the viewer all the wonders that the South East has to offer, encouraging a new appreciation for our surroundings during lockdown.


A prominent theme in this collection is the power of nature in times of uncertainty. Nature brings us as sense of regularity and structure, something I know many of us have been searching for over the past year. I believe this has brought about a new recognition of the importance of our environment, which I hope will be considered in our actions surrounding the climate moving forward. I hope each painting acts as a space of tranquillity for the viewer, a call for reflection and a celebration of my beautiful home county and beyond.